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Rory Hekking

Marietta, GA


We ordered the Ultimate Old School Brownies, and they were amazing! They were moist and indulgent. I was worried they would be too rich to eat more than a bite or two, but they strike the perfect balance of sweetness and substance. We WILL be reordering these and are excited to try some other sweets soon!

Emily Dansby


We tried Black Dog Sweet Shop when we saw them as a vendor at The Mill in Canton over the weekend. We really enjoyed trying the coffee! Great product and service. Hope to see them around town at other events as well!

Margaret Jacob

 Birmingham, AL


My daughter and I are huge fans of Black Dog Sweet Shop macarons! I never liked macarons before I had these, and now I crave them—just the right amount of crispy outside, soft inside, and delectable filling.


I am happily surprised at how good the Organic Yirgachaffe coffee is. I have been drinking Gevalia coffee for decades and have never cared for Ethiopian coffee, as it usually has an earthy dirt. Not this! It was so smooth and velvety and light and flavorful. Very delicious! I highly recommend it.


Great experience!

I bought these as part of my closing gift to a client of mine when they purchased their new home (as well as a pack for myself). They were awesome and my clients loved them!

Also - Will went above and beyond in using our logos on the baked goods as well as being responsive and making the process, all the way through delivery, painless. I will definitely use again in future transactions!

— Mark Hoskins, USA Mortgage

Decatur, GA


Keller Williams Key from BDSS.jpg

Awesome product and service!

I am very pleased with the chocolate key I purchased and ultimately gave to my client at closing.


The product had a great level of detail and the quality of work was amazing. I will definitely be ordering a custom package for clients moving forward.


Bravo Black Dog Sweet Shop!

— Bruce Davenport,

Your Metro Atlanta Agent

Woodstock, GA

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