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Trish's Birthday Box (Personalize Me)


Trish's Birthday Box (Personalize Me)

  • Celebrate your dog's special day with a personalized Birthday Box from Black Dog Sweet Shop. You will get one dozen of our peanut butter bacon dog treats iced in a yogurt icing. We will personalize the treats with your dog's name and mail them in a custom box. (Please include your dog's age in the comment section of the order. Then email us a picture of your dog when the order is placed. Send your dog's pictures to

    I make Trish's dog treats like I make cookies for humans, except I don't add any sugar. There are no strange preservatives and fillers you find in commercial treats at the supermarket. These are made with basic ingredients like whole wheat flour, peanut butter, and real bacon. These tasty treats are Trish approved! 

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