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Tea Cake Gift Set (1 Dozen)



Tea Cake Gift Set (1 Dozen)

  • Chill out with a batch of Mrs. Anne's Southern Tea Cakes and a glass of cold lemonade. This cookie is one of my childhood favorites. Each time I bite into one, I think of sitting on the stool in my grandmother's kitchen, eating the leftover dough as she baked these. I could hardly wait for them to come out of the oven, and my grandfather was always right there ready to grab a handful just as soon as they landed on the cooling rack.


    What are tea cakes, you ask? Some people say they are similar to a sugar cookie but not quite as sweet. I think they are kind of a cross between a cake, a cookie, and a biscuit. These cookies are soft, fluffy, and tender on the inside with a slightly crisp edge that is still a little chewy. These lightly sweet cookies have a hint of vanilla and a rich buttery taste. 


    Once you bite into this Southern favorite, you will be transported back to the days of handheld church fans and box socials on the lawn. They are the perfect summertime treat with a tart glass of homemade lemonade. (One dozen)

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