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Prepper's Cake Parfait (1 pint/16 oz)

Prepper's Cake Parfait (1 pint/16 oz)

  • Our Preppers Parfait® is the perfect prep to have on hand when facing an SHTF situation. While things are falling apart outside, you can relax with our cake parfaits. One of our favorite flavors is the Cookies & Cream parfait. Layers of white/Oreo cake filled with Cookies and cream filling and finished with buttercream frosting. It comes in a reusable canning jar with a lid and seal ring. (Two 1 pint /16oz jars).


    Other flavors include Red Velvet, Black & Jack, Strawberry, Cinnamon Swirl, Funfetti, and Chocolate. Note: The flavors sent will be the chef's choice from the cakes we are making that week.

    Be Advised: Storage of this product is seven days. We recommend storing this product in the refrigerator until you are ready to eat it. You may freeze it for up to two months. This product is NOT intended to last for long-term storage. Prepper parfait refers to using the reusable canning jar and not storing the parfait inside the jar.

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