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Joey's Chocolate Chip Cookies (One Dozen)


Joey's Chocolate Chip Cookies (One Dozen)

  • Buying chocolate chip cookies can be a gamble. Sometimes they taste like the cafeteria cookies you got in junior high. Other times there is too much dough and not enough chips. Or, they have no balance of flavors with only a faint taste of chocolate. 


    Here at Black Dog Sweet Shop, chocolate chip cookies are a passion for us. So when we make these, our chefs pay special attention to every aspect of the baking process. From the proper balance of flavors to closely monitoring the oven temperature.

    The result is cookies that are the perfect blend of crunchy, chewy goodness. After all, you deserve a FRESH,  MADE FROM SCRATCH chocolate chip cookie featuring fine Swiss chocolate with notes of brown sugar and a hint of molasses. These cookies are packaged in a Personalized gift box, ready to give to a friend or enjoy yourself. (One Dozen)

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