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Branded Box of 9 Chocolates

Our handcrafted Swiss chocolates are paired with unique fillings designed to deliver an extraordinary. Each piece offers an exciting flavor profile. Discover rich chocolate ganache, refreshing fruit, velvety caramels, luscious pralines, and crunchy nuts. We even offer a selection with a hint of your favorite liquor. Chocolates are available in dark, milk, and white.


This assortment of chocolates comes packaged in a box branded for your business. These chocolates are perfect for client gifts, employee recognition, or an excellent addition to boxes sent out for virtual cocktail parties.


Some of our popular flavors include:

Dark Chocolate

Salted Orange Caramel - Not chewy, not liquid, delicate flavour of orange with a hint of fleur de sel.

Espelette - Dark and milk chocolate ganache infused with espelette pepper.

Mandarin and hazelnut nougatine - Mandarin chocolate ganache infused with pink peppercorn, roasted hazelnut nougatine.


Milk Chocolate

Tahitian Vanilla - Dark chocolate ganache and vanilla beans.

Gingerbread Spice - Milk chocolate ganache infused with our proprietary blend of gingerbread spices and garnished with edible silver leaf. 

Espresso - Bittersweet ganache and roasted coffee beans in a milk chocolate shell.  


White Chocolate

Praline Cinnamon - Milk chocolate ganache with aromatic and subtle flavours of Ceylon cinnamon joined with a hazelnut paste.

Strawberry - Mi-amere chocolate ganache, sweet strawberries. Something unique for white chocolate.


We update our flavors frequently so call for the latest selection.

Branded Box of 9 Chocolates

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