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Brand Brew Box

Brewing Brand Loyalty, Month After Month


Discover the innovative way to seamlessly blend business promotions with the exquisite joy of coffee indulgence. With Black Dog Coffee Company, every box is not just a curated coffee experience; it's a dynamic marketing opportunity. We offer a platform where your brand's presence in clients' lives is continuously refreshed and reinforced.


Every morning, as your clients savor the meticulously selected, small-batch coffee beans from diverse growing regions worldwide, they will also engage with your evolving business messages. They'll receive a themed box featuring your brand logo and promotional message monthly. We also offer the exclusive benefit of including your flyers or other marketing materials in the box for FREE. Send us your literature or flyers, and consider them delivered! (Some restrictions apply.) Each month, the box transforms into a vessel of fresh marketing narratives along with an exquisite blend of coffee, keeping your brand's story fresh and captivating.


The inaugural box now includes one dozen of our famous chocolate chip cookies.  We will send different cookies each month based on the chef's selection. They include favorites like Joey's Chocolate Chip Cookies, Island Cookies, Chocolate Chip Caramel, and Sugar Cookies, to name a few. The selection will be paired to complement the coffee in that month's box. 


Our adaptable subscription plans are available for six months, nine months, and one year, with pricing discounts offered for more extended plans.


Monthly Base Price (Includes FREE Ground Shipping in the US.)

2 Month Sample Box - $100 (Restrictions Apply)

1 Year - $100.00 (Best Value)

9 Months - $110.00

6 Months - $115.00


This allows your business to maintain a captivating and consistent presence, fostering a meaningful connection and brewing brand loyalty with each passing month. 


Note: Box designs will vary based on availability. (Restrictions apply.) Shipping to Guam, Alaska, Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and other US Territories does not qualify for our free shipping offer. Some restrictions apply to free ground shipping for most US states. Due to the personalization process, for the initial order, there will be a one to two-week timeline from the time your order is placed for this product until it is shipped. This is subject to change, and you will be advised of shipping timelines once your order is received. If you have specific shipping timelines, contact us to discuss them. 

Brand Brew Box

Price Options
Order a Sample Box
Special Two Month Sample Box
$75.00every month for 2 months
12 Months
Includes Shipping
$75.00every month for 12 months
9 Months
Shipping Included
$85.00every month for 9 months
6 Months
Shipping Included
$90.00every month for 6 months
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