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Key Features:

  • Personalization: Each deluxe box features a magnetic closure and is customized with the name and photo of the deceased, creating a deeply personal memento for the family. In cases where a photo is not available, a tasteful image of a flower and a sympathy verse will be used instead.

  • Sympathy and Comfort: The box includes a ten-ounce bag of our exclusive "Celebration of Life Blend" coffee and a dozen cookies. The comforting flavors offer solace during a difficult time.

  • Keepsake Functionality: Families can use the box to store cherished memories such as condolence cards, death certificates, obituary notices, photos, and the funeral program. This box becomes a treasured vessel for remembering their loved ones.

  • Custom Branding: The coffee and the box are branded with your funeral home's logo and contact information. This serves as a gentle reminder of the care and service you provided during their time of need.

  • Informative Card: Included is a beautifully designed card that explains the box's purpose and offers thoughtful questions for the family to answer in memory of their loved one. This card also encourages families to use the box as a sanctuary for their treasured memories.


Benefits for Your Funeral Home:

Strengthens Client Relationships: By providing this personalized gift, you show a deep level of care and attention to detail, which families will greatly appreciate during their time of grief.

Enhances Your Reputation: This thoughtful gesture will leave a lasting positive impression, increasing the likelihood of word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business.

Marketing Tool: The Eternal Embrace Memory Box serves as a tasteful advertisement. Each time the family accesses the box, they are reminded of your compassionate services.

Customizable Design: The design and information on the boxes can be tailored to match your funeral home's style and preferences, ensuring seamless integration with your existing branding.


Financial Considerations:

  • Inclusion in Service Fees: The cost of the Eternal Embrace Memory Box can be included in your service fees, making it a seamless addition to your funeral packages.

  • Marketing Expense: Alternatively, you can write off the cost of these boxes as a marketing expense, allowing you to invest in building goodwill and client satisfaction while managing your business expenses effectively.


By offering the Eternal Embrace Memory Box, you give families a meaningful way to remember their loved ones while enhancing your funeral home's reputation for compassion and care. This box serves as a beautiful keepsake and a testament to your dedication to serving your community during its most challenging times.


This product is packaged in a sleek dark green box and includes FREE FedEx (Most U.S. locations. Some restrictions apply.)

Eternal Embrace Box
(Platinum Level)


Eternal Embrace Memory Box: A Thoughtful Gesture from Your Funeral Home


The Eternal Embrace Memory Box is a personalized Aftercare Box designed to extend your condolences and strengthen your relationship with the families you serve. This bespoke box serves as a heartfelt gesture of sympathy, a token of gratitude for their patronage, and a discreet yet effective advertising piece for your funeral home.

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