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Valentines Day Mini Cakes (4 Designs)

Celebrate love and affection with our charming collection of 4-inch mini Valentine's Day cakes, where each bite is a sweet testament to craftsmanship and flavor. With four exquisite designs, these cakes are the perfect size for a romantic dessert or a thoughtful gift.


Design 1: The Classic Love - A pure white, round cake is elegantly inscribed with "I love you" in a vibrant red script. Surrounded by tiny red hearts, this design is a timeless expression of love.


Design 2: The Passionate Embrace - Bold and beautiful, this round red cake carries the playful message "XOXO" atop a sumptuous layer of red buttercream, adorned with golden accents that add a touch of luxury.


Design 3: The Daring Heart - For those with a wild side, the black heart-shaped cake with the cheeky "Bite Me" inscription is a match. The contrasting red and green buttercream details create a striking visual that's sure to captivate.


Design 4: Your Personal Love Note - A soft pink heart forms the canvas for your own custom message. Framed with delicate pink buttercream ruffles, it's a personalized treat that speaks from the heart.


Our cakes come in a variety of flavors included in the price, with the option to indulge in upgraded flavors for an additional charge. The lush buttercream filling is a delightful classic, ensuring each cake is as delicious as it is beautiful. Please refer to our flavor and fillings list to discover all our offerings. (Note filling upgrades are not available for this cake.)


Whether it's an intimate celebration or a grand gesture, these mini cakes are crafted to create memories that last far beyond the last morsel. Place your order now to add a touch of sweetness to your Valentine's Day. 

Note: Please choose Local Delivery for the shipping option at checkout. This product is only available for local delivery or pick-up. We can not ship this product.

Valentines Day Mini Cakes (4 Designs)

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