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Assorted Valentine's Day Sugar Cookie Gift Set (Medium 3")

Celebrate Valentine's Day with our house-made sugar cookies. Most of the time, when you purchase a decorated sugar cookie, it tastes like sand, and you risk breaking a tooth on the royal icing.


Our sugar cookies are soft, flavorful, and the icing is amazing. They are available in lemon or vanilla, and each cookie is individually wrapped to maintain freshness.


This set includes six cookies with various designs in a holiday-themed gift box. We offer a gluten-free option at no additional charge. 


Each cookie is hand-rolled, hand-cut, and individually decorated with royal icing and edible images. All of our cookie designs are custom and may vary slightly from the picture above depending on what decorative elements are available. 


These cookies are the perfect addition to your afternoon cup of coffee! Note: The gift box style and packaging will vary based on availability.


Questions? Call (404) 923-0593.

Assorted Valentine's Day Sugar Cookie Gift Set (Medium 3")

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