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 Custom Cakes




We make cakes for special occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, wedding cakes, gender reveals, and holiday cakes.


Are you having a few friends in for dinner and don't feel like making a cake? Need something for your next office celebration? Try one of our dessert cakes. 

At Black Dog Sweet Shop, you can choose from sixty different flavors and fillings to create a unique cake for your next event.

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  • Organic

  • Single Origin

  • Custom Roasts

  • Roasted FreshWeekly

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Our French Chef makes authentic French Macarons in a wide variety of flavors


Valentine's Day Treats

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Cookies, Brownies & Sugar Cookies

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Hand Crafted Swiss Chocolates


Gourmet Dog Treats

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All of our gourmet treats are handcrafted by a team of Chefs that are passionate about their creations. They carefully assemble the highest quality ingredients, measure, blend, and bake everything from scratch. Then they individually apply toppings to create that "Made at Home" taste that we know our guests love. Feel free to take credit for our baking. We won't tell anyone that you didn't make it yourself.

At Black Dog Sweet Shop, artisan chocolatiers create gourmet treats using a wide variety of imported chocolates, and they pair them with extraordinary flavors. Our craftsmanship demands that we utilize only the finest ingredients like imported Swiss chocolate and we never use any artificial flavors or sweeteners.


Our flavor combinations change with the seasons so be sure to check back often to experience something new.

Image by Joel Muniz

We're Here To Help

When I started Black Dog Sweet Shop, so many people showed up to help. Some gave us a chance when no one else would. It's in that spirit that our team wants to give back to you.

We started our journey by helping raise money for a five-year-old autistic, nonverbal child who needed a service dog. In a few weeks, we were able to present him with a check for $650.00 to go towards the purchase of a dog for Ollie. (#ADOGFOROLLIE)  Now we are looking for someone else to help.

Do you know an individual, group, or charitable organization that needs help? If you do, please have them submit a request for help by sending an email explaining their needs using the link below. Our team will evaluate each request and select those most in need of our help.